28 February 2012

On Google+

Robert Scoble and Herb Greenberg are amongst those weighing in on the WSJ's "analysis" of Google+. The underlying question is simple : What is Google+?

It's not a friend graph, like Facebook. It's not a link sharing & micro-comment platform, like Twitter. It's not an interest collection, like Pintrest. But it's a bit like each of them. It's also a bit of a blog, a bit of a conversation manager, a bit of an chat hub (hangouts) and a bit of a content sharing tool... 

No, Robert Scoble, it's not a discovery engine. It's close, but it's not that yet. Perhaps down the line it will become one, but not now. No, Herb Greenberg, it's not a tech geek hub either. It's an interaction enabler. 

G+ enables you to engage with people regarding content, opinions and information. It helps discussions remain between relevant people, be they a small, private group or the wider public. It encourages you to not just share a link, but give your own take on the material within, and discuss it with others. 

Noise control is still something that can be improved, but G+'s approach to the topic is telling when one looks at the attitude that Facebook and Twitter have. The community on G+ isn't interested in "+1"-ing status updates, talking about raw links, or being fed RSS feeds. We want to engage with you, have a discussion, share our opinions and find people who are interested in the same topics.

If you want to be kept up to date, G+ won't provide it. If you want to know what your acquaintances are doing, G+ won't provide it. If you want to interact with people regarding topics you are passionate about, come to Google+.

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